Your first thought on hearing ‘hard freeze’

A recent hard freeze hit the northern Red River Valley of eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota.

My immediate reaction was to wonder whether fledgling crops were hurt. (It doesn’t appear that they were.) That’s the natural response¬† of anyone closely connected to area agriculture. Yes, stalwart gardeners, I include you.

The first thought of many area residents outside ag, I suspect, was to wonder whether the freeze would knock back mosquitoes. That’s understandable enough; all of us in this part of the world hate skeeters.

But at the risk of sounding preachy,¬† I’ll point out that agriculture remains the cornerstone of the area economy. What affects area farmers and ranchers affects just about everyone who lives here.

So the next time you hear ‘hard freeze’ — and let’s hope it won’t be for a long, long while — spare a kind thought for the crops.

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