There Will Come Soft Rains — But At The Right Time?

People who aren’t involved in agriculture don’t always understand the importance of the timing of rain during the growing season.

An inch of rain at a critical time in a crop’s development can do more good than an inch, or even two inches, a few days later. A timely rain or two can make the difference between a good crop and an average one, or an OK crop and a bust.

In working on several Agweek stories this week, I’ve talked with farmers and ag officials from across the Upper Midwest. They all say the same thing: many farmers and ranchers in their state or area received timely shots of precipitation over the past few weeks, while other producers need rain quickly and badly.

Farmers and ranchers need many skills to survive in modern agriculture. Perhaps the most important is the ability to manage risk successfully. But even the best risk-managers are more  successful when they receive a few timely rains.