Watching Your Crop Deteriorate Day After Day

This is a crucial week for many area farmers: a lot of area fields are running out of moisture. As of late last week, parts of the region were in moderate drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, a partnership of federal and academic scientists, and high temperatures this week are worsening the problem.

To be sure, many fields are doing just fine. In the past week I’ve been out across a big chunk of North Dakota and seen a lot of fine-looking fields that have received plentiful or adequate rains.  Farmers and other agriculturalists in those areas are still optimistic.

But I also saw too many fields showing clear signs of inadequate moisture. The people who farm those fields are watching their crops deteriorate day after day. Each day that passes without rain will bring poorer yields and less income.

Let’s hope the farmers who need rain will get it, and quickly.

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  1. Doug & Tracy Merfeld, Marble Rock, IA

    That is exactly what is happening here Iowa. We had potential for a great crop and great yields, but we have had almost no rain and the temperatures have been brutally hot.

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