Be Leery Of First Impressions

Another example of how first impressions can be misleading:

I received a news release this morning from an organization called Animal Welfare Approved, which says it “audits, certifies and supports farmers raising their animals according to the highest welfare standards.” The release says that Will Witherspoon, an NFL linebacker, will speak to a U.S. Congressional briefing on the the use of antibiotics in cattle production.

My first reaction was to wonder what an NFL player knows about livestock production.

Apparently quite a lot.  Witherspoon operates Shire Gate Farm in Missouri. I checked the company’s website and found that Witherspoon has an agricultural engineering degree from the University of Georgia.  His Shire Gate Farm raises White Park cattle and sells beef that’s free of antibiotics and hormones.

Views differ on the use of antibiotics and hormones in beef production. Regardless, Witherspoon has a knowledgeable take on the issue and, like every cattle producer, has the right and responsibility to express it.