We’ll Take Rain, Even During Wheat Harvest

Wheat harvest is in full swing across much of the region. Farmers and commodity group officials tell me yields are better than expected.

Normally, farmers are ambivalent about receiving rain when wheat harvest is going strong. On one hand, they want to get off their wheat in good order. On the other, they want rain for other crops that are still growing and that will be harvested later.

There’s no ambivalence this summer. Rain is much more important than keeping the combines going. That alone tells you how short of moisture the region is.


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  1. Don Croy

    Nice to get your report on the Grain Crop. I am a former resident of EGF, born and went to school there. Still have a part of the Croy Farm and try to follow events as they happen.

    I am now 91 and don’t travel much any more………Would be nice to see the old home town but will just have to make out with the news that the Herald sends out.

    Thanks again for posting the latest news.

    Don Croy

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