What Kind Of Weather Should Aggies Hope For?

From an agricultural viewpoint, there’s seldom “perfect” or “ideal” weather on the Northern Plains. What’s good for some farmers and ranchers is almost always bad for others.

That’s true now, too. Some sunflower producers want cold weather so that their wet fields will freeze hard, allowing the last of their ‘flowers to be harvested. Some potato growers want warm weather so their frozen-on-top fields will thaw, allowing the last of their spuds to be dug.

I never play favorites when it comes to different crops and differing weather conditions that would benefit each of them. I hope we get whatever weather will benefit the most farmers.

But right now — and speaking as someone whose family farm once raised sunflowers —  I’m inclined to be selfish. I’ll take temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s for as long as we can get them. I don’t think the sunflowers growers will blame me.