Thanksgiving Thoughts

A lot of area agriculturalists have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. They benefited from good yields and terrific prices and enjoyed one of their most successful years ever.

Some aggies, particularly ones with livestock, aren’t so fortunate. The drought hammered their crops, pastures and hayland, and sent corn prices soaring. Expenses have skyrocketed, and some unlucky producers will lose money.

That’s the reality of agriculture on the Northern Plains. Nature always has the final word.

To those of you who had a good year, congratulations. To those of you hurt by bad weather and high expenses, condolences. Whatever the year brought you, enjoy  Thanksgiving.

I’ll spend Thanksgiving watching football, eating the great food prepared by my sister and sister-in-law and trying not to be overwhelmed by a roomful of my young and energetic, though well-behaved, nieces and nephews. I hope your Thanksgiving is equally satisfying.