Back To Work On The Farm Bill

All of us, whatever our age or line of work, have had this experience: we think we’ve nearly finished a task, but then learn we have to go back to the beginning and start over. Though frustrated, we grit our teeth and return to work.

That’s how I describe the reaction from area farm group leaders when Congress this week extended parts of the existing five-year farm bill instead of approving a new one. Ag officials worked long and hard to get a new one and they were close to achieving that goal. Naturally they were frustrated when their efforts came up short.

Now they’ll grit their teeth and go back to work.


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  1. Cathy McClellan

    Of course we go back too work.. Seems like Farmers are the only ones who do.. We dont get fancy vacations or Holidays off we just work.. Why do we?? For our children our wives/husbands and yes our country.. We r the unsung heroes that make this… WORLD.. A better place. Sick or sad, tired or not WE make it a world to be proud of. If we all took a holiday at the same time, the world would stop. Our govt takes us too the brink, but we start over and make it happen. God bless farmers.

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