Sleeping Better At Night

What’s the biggest comfort for farmers and ranchers?

No, I  don’t mean family or friends or anything like that. I’m referring to the things that provide a financial cushion to your operation, the things that help you sleep a little easier at night. Having some money in the bank, I suppose, leads the list.

But having a good supply of moisture in the soil is a huge comfort, too. The moisture will help your crops, hay and pastures grow, the moisture will give you a fighting chance for financial success.

With the next growing season roughly three months away, too many area farmers don’t have nearly as much moisture in the soil as they’d like. Snowfall alone won’t be enough to return soil moisture to where it should be. So area farmers and ranchers will need plenty of rain this spring and during the 2013 growing season. I guarantee you, they’ll sleep better at night if they get it.