What About Raising Food In Cities?

I confess, I don’t give much thought to raising food in cities. My attention is focused on covering the crops and livestock raised on the Northern Plains

Even so, I received an email promoting the 2013 Urban Agriculture Summit in Sweden. Organizers say that 80 percent of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050, and that far more attention needs to be given to increasing food production in urban areas.

Maybe they’re right; I’m not qualified to say. This much I do know: increasing global food production is vitally important. My guess is, raising more food in cites is part of the solution.

If you’re interested in the summit, here’s the event’s website: www.urbanagriculturesummit.com.


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  1. DFence

    Urban farming is starting to be come more common place practice through out this country. Neighborhood farms and large community gardens being used to supply fresh fruit and vegetables to the urban poor. I am currently reading the great book Detroit City Is the Place to Be and a section mentions the potential for urban farming in Detroit. One person mentions that if all the vacant land in Detroit was turning into farming, it would be the world’s first self-sustainable food city.

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