Finding A ‘fair’ Farmland Rental Rate

Last fall, I did an Agweek cover story on rising farmland rental rates across the area. The story looked at how drought and volatile crop prices complicate arriving at a rate on which farmers and landlords can agree.

More than three months later, I’m still getting emails and phone calls from out-of-the-region landlords who heard about the article. Clearly it’s an issue on which some people continue to struggle.

I’m no expert on the subject; far from it. But I’ve listened to what impartial experts have to say, and they’ve given me at least some understanding of what farmers and landlords are facing. My main takeaway from the experts:both landlords and farmers have legitimate concerns, and both sets of concerns need to be considered in setting a “fair” rental rate.

Read my column on rental rates in the Feb. 18 issue of Agweek.