Controversial Suggestion By Food Group

Food Tank, a group that promotes environmentally sustainable agriculture, issued an electronic news release in honor of World Water Day, which is March 22.

The release contained “seven strategies for reducing water waste in the food system.” Some of these worldwide strategies will make sense to agricultural producers on the Northern Plains. For example, every producer I know agrees with the importance of practicing soil conservation and using mobile technology to save water in irrigation.

But Food Tank’s first suggestion — “Eating less meat” —  won’t go over well with most agriculturalists on the Northern Plains.

According to the release:

“It takes roughly 3,000 liters of water to meet one person’s daily dietary needs, or approximately 1 liter per calorie. The amount of water needed to produce one kilogram of red meat can range from 13,000 to 43,000 liters of water; poultry requires about 3,500 liters of water; and pork needs about 6,000 liters. Eating more meatless meals, even one or two days a week, can help conserve water resources.”

OK, aggies on the Northern Plains, the ball’s in your court. How do you respond (staying calm, logical and respectful, of course) to that suggestion?. Drop me a line and let me know.