Spring, Planting And Baseball

When I was a little kid, I sometimes wondered which was more important: the start of spring planting or the start of another major league baseball season.

Now, as an agricultural journalist, I give the nod to planting. My professional life revolves around agriculture, and ag remains a big deal in my personal life, too.  Sadly, spring is coming late to much of Agweek country this year, and planting will be delayed.

Fortunately, the new major league baseball  season is starting on schedule. The Minnesota Twins — still the favorite team on the Northern Plains, even in the era of cable TV — begin their season Monday afternoon.

There’s reason for long-term optimism about the Twins; they have some highly promising prospects in the minor leagues. The big league team, however, is short on talent and most likely will struggle badly this season

I have no special insight into 2013 crop prospects on the Northern Plains. Like you, I know that success will hinge on when farmers get into their fields, on whether they receive timely rains this growing season and whether Mother Nature cooperates during harvest. That’s a lot to ask for. Nonetheless, I’m more optimistic about 2013 crops than I am about the 2013 Twins.

If you’re an aggie and a Twins fan, drop me a line and let me know what you think.