A Mid-summer Holiday For Aggies

The Fourth of July.is a special time for agriculturalists on the Northern Plains, and not only because of the holiday’s patriotic aspects.

By the time the Fourth rolls ’round, crops are in the ground and spring-born calves and lambs are in the pasture. Any aggie who doesn’t draw satisfaction from that should find another line of work.

Just about everyone involved with agriculture, I suspect, has at least one strong memory of the Fourth of July. The most vivid one for me involves fireworks and my family farm in central North Dakota. Try to picture the scene: twilight, powerful fireworks exploding high in the air. And a moment after each explosion, from three directions, the howling of coyotes — and me wondering if my two calves, out in the pasture, would survive the summer. (They did.).

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, enjoy the holiday.