What Farmers Can’t Control

Nearly all modern farmers work hard to stay current in their profession. They attend educational meeting in the winter. They study marketing trends and weather predictions. They try to keep on top of the never-ending changes  in seed, pesticide, fertilizer and machinery. By doing so, they improve the odds of making the right decisions and turning a profit.

Mother Nature, of course, has the final word. Temperatures and rainfall at key times determine success or failure.

Most of the Upper Midwest is getting dry. Crops in general need a good, soaking rain soon; if they don’t get it, they’ll go downhill fast.

Rain is falling outside my office. It’s falling in chunks of Minnesota and small parts of North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana, according to the online weather maps. So far, there’s no sign of a widespread soaker.

Farmers can control many things. Right now, though, they’re depending on one  of the things they can’t.