A Tale Of Two Corn Fields

There are two central North Dakota corn fields, about 20 miles apart, that I’ve driven past a half-dozen times this growing season. The fields were planted about the same time and appear to have roughly equivalent soil and drainage.

The two fields looked equally good the first five times I drove past them..But when I drove by them again in late July, one field had gone downhill while the other field still looked good. The difference? The good-looking field was in an area that had received nearly two inches of rain a week earlier and the gone-downhill field was in an area that missed out on precipitation.

No need to preach to the choir; farmers know the point already. But I’ll say this to people outside agriculture.

Farmers do everything they can do improve the chances of a good harvest. In the end, though, success or failure usually comes down to whether they receive rain when they need it.