Ag Is Mostly, But Not Only, About Making Money

Farming is first and foremost about making money. Earning as much profit as possible, in an environmentally prudent and sustainable way, is the driving factor in modern agriculture. If you live in a farm or ranch community, or spend time in one, you know that already.

But agriculture and rural life aren’t only about making money. Over the weekend, I picked chokecherries on my family farm in central North Dakota and then helped to make jelly out of them. A small thing, of course, and not something that everyone would enjoy. To me, though, it adds to life in this part of the world. If you live in a rural area, or spend time in one, you’ve surely found things there that make your life a little better, too.

Yes, rural communities need farmers to succeed. Yes, farmers succeed by making money. Just remember that other things, even small ones, contribute to the quality of rural life.