What Will You Remember About 2013 Growing Season?

I once had a college professor who insisted that most students, in the long run, remember no more than one thing from any class they take. Memory inevitably fades over time and, he claimed, one recollection per class is the most that students ultimately retain .Judge for yourselves whether he’s right.

I suspect, however, the same concept applies to growing seasons on the Northern Plains, at least for those of us who have lived through a lot of them. Eventually, most of us  remember only one thing about most growing seasons;  over time, they run together in our minds and details are lost.

What I remember about the 2006 growing season, for example, is drought, especially in south-central North Dakota.

What do you suppose will be your dominant memory of this growing season? The late, wet spring, particularly in northern North Dakota? The dry, cool summer? The frost-free fall?

Drop me a line and let me know.