Summing Up 2013

Last week, in this space, I asked what Agweek readers ultimately will remember about the 2013 growing season on the Northern Plains. Beginning the year in drought? The torrential rains that followed? Long stretches of cool, dry weather this summer? The glorious frost-free September?

After I wrote that, the region suffered even more freakish weather: the wicked blizzard that hammered parts of the western Dakotas. My sympathies to everyone affected.

But, c’mon, a horrible blizzard in early October — one that’s followed by temperatures in the 60s and 50s? That’s bizarre.

As many area aggies have told me, this has been a weird, crazy, goofy year. They’re right. The year has provided one strange weather event after another. Years from now, when individual memories have faded and merged, here’s how I’ll probably remember the year:

“2013? Oh, yeah, that was the crazy year.”

Many Agweek readers, I suspect, will end up remembering it the same way.

And though I’m reluctant to mention it, we still have nearly three months to go. Does Mother Nature still have a few more surprises in store this crazy year?