TV Ad Bashes Modern Ag

Upper Midwest farmers have far more important things to deal with at this time of year, so producers may not have heard about the “The Scarecrow”, a video from Chipotle’s, the Mexican food chain.

In the ad, an animated scarecrow goes to work at what’s essentially “a food factory” filled with mistreatment of animals and unhealthy production practices. At the end, the disillusioned scarecrow goes home to his garden.and is heartened by its basic, old-fashioned farming practices.

The ad’s message is simple: big, modern agriculture is bad, old-fashioned ag is good..

Well, I don’t pretend modern, hi-tech farming is ideal. No doubt there are things that can and should be improved. But the ad’s bashing of modern agriculture is meant to sell burritos, not to offer solutions.

The larger question, I think, is whether old-fashioned agriculture can provide enough food to feed the world’s huge and growing population. I’m skeptical, to say the least.

Here’s a link to the ad: