Always Reasons To Give Thanks

I talked a few days ago with an area farmer who had just finished his harvest. He said it hadn’t been an easy harvest or a great one but that he was pleased nonetheless. “We’re done and it was an OK crop year overall. We’re thankful for that,” he said

There are a lot of reasons NOT to be thankful this Thanksgiving. The list includes plunging crop prices, the early October blizzard that savaged parts of the western Dakotas and the politicians’ inability to approve a new farm bill.

But just about everyone involved in production agriculture has something (or even many things) to be thandful for. Most Agweek readers will find the positives, no matter how many challenges they may face, this Thanksgiving season.

Here’s how I’m spending Thansgiving: eating lasagna, cheering for my beloved Green Bay Packers (I’m not optimistic; far too many injuries), fighting with foam rubber swords against my pre-school nephew and looking over some creative writing from my middle-school niece.

I hope your Thanksgiving will be as satisfying as mine.