Goodbye, Golden Age Of Farming

A veteran area farmer told me a few days ago that the recent drop in crop prices means “the Golden Age of farming is over, at least in the short run.”

Hard to argue with him. High crop prices and generally good yields have generated strong profits for most area farmers in recent years; it really has been a Golden Age.

But the farmer wasn’t pessimistic about the immediate future, even with lower crop prices. He think producers on top of their game still can succeed, provided the weather cooperates.

Farming is never easy, and mediocre crop prices can make it downright difficult. But the short-term future does’t appear to hold ruination or catastrophe for prudent producers. For now, at least, farmers look to have a fighting chance for success

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  1. Hydrocarbon Recycler

    The “Golden Age” stuff is/was typical hype spewed by people without real-world agricultural experience or very short memories and all it took was one corn belt drought. It was about 30 years ago when I heard an NDSU ag economist predict that we would be selling $3.00 wheat after the turn of the century. Everybody in the room, including myself, thought the guy was a nutcase. History has now proven the man to be a prophet.
    And now, to compound the downturn in farm profitability and at exactly the wrong time, we have the federal government apparently taking several regressive steps to reduce the farm safety net.
    So, we are not in the Golden Age and never have been. We had a couple of good years. Hooray! Now it’s back to business as usual….supply, demand and politics

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