Bringing Aggies Together, But Not In A Good Way

One of the things I won’t forget about 2013 is how much farmers and farm groups resented the politicians’ inability to pass a new farm bill. Aggies are unified in their frustration with Washington, D.C

Farmers and farm groups have their differences, sometimes major, over how the world works and how it should work. Sure, they agree that drought and blizzards are bad and that most urbanites don’t understand ag. But differing views on politics and economics, in particular, usually prevent agricultural unanimity.

Just about everythig in ag, however, is upset with what they see as Congressional ineptitude on the farm bill. Whether you’re a Farm Bureau Republican or a Farmers Union Democrat, whether you have a big farm or a small one, you’re almost certainly exasperated with our politicians.

Bringing so many aggies together, I suppose, is no small feat. It’s just not one that Congress should be proud of.

There are reports that a new farm bill could be passed in January. Maybe so. But like most Agweek readers, I’ll believe it when I see it.