And We Know How Farmers Feel About Surveys

There are only a few things in life that I know with absolute certainty. One is that farmers regard filling out surveys as tedious, burdensome and a general waste of time.

Nonetheless, I’ll venture to pass along two online survey requests emailed to me this week. They both appear, at least to me, to be worthwhile causes. And both promise you’ll remain anonymous.

The first survey comes from South Dakota State University Extension, which wants grower feedback on precision agriculture. You’ll be asked 10 questions. To access the survey:

The second request is from the Conservation Information Technology Center. It wants farmer input on cover crops as conservation options in the United States. The organization says the survey will take 10 minutes or less and is intended for all farmers, regardless of whether they use cover crops.

To access the survey, click here: Cover Crops Survey. As a bribe/reward, you also can register for two $100 gift card drawings. Gift card registration takes place as a separate web site to make sure survey responses remain anonymous.