The Farm Bill And Pro Wrestling

A professional wrestler named Daniel Bryan has a distinctive gimmick. When things go well in a match, he jumps up and down, pumps his fists in the air and shouts,  “Yes! Yes! Yes!” The adoring crowds, in unison, pump their fists and shout along with him.

I think of Daniel Bryan because of reports that Congress may be close to approving a new farm bill. Like many Agweek readers, I won’t believe it until I see it. But assuming we do get a new one, how will farmers and farm group leaders respond?

Will they jump up and down, pump their fists and holler “Yes!” at the top of their lungs?

Possibly. But it’s far more likely, I think, that farmers and farm group leaders will shrug wearily and say, “This should’ve happened a long time ago. Our politicians should be ashamed of themselves.”

A final question: When do you think we’ll get a new farm bill? Here are your choices:

— This month

— This winter

—  Late this year

—  A new farm bill is as unlikely as pro wrestling going legimate.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think.