Celebrating The Farm Bill

If you watch a lot of team sports on TV, you’re probably familiar with the post-game interview with the winning coach. It usually goes something like like:

Interviewer: “This was a big win for you, right?”

Coach: “It sure was. We worked hard to achieve this. It’s a great feeling.”

Interviewer: “Now you’ve got another big game coming up. How — ”

Coach: “It’s too soon to talk about the next game. Just let me enjoy this win for a little while.”

That’s how I felt talking with farm group leaders after Senate passage of the farm bill, which clears the way for it to become law. They worked long and hard on the bill, and they’re pleased to finally get one.

In another two years or so, of course, they’ll start advance work on yet-another farm bill. But it’s too soon to talk about that.. For now, for a little while, they want to enjoy the moment.