‘Right To Farm’ Wins Endorsement

I wrote an Agweek story a year ago about the Missouri State Legislature passing  legislation that would allow farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming practices. The legislative action cleared the way for the measure to be sent before Missouri voters on a statewide ballot in November 2014.

Now, the Missouri Republican Party has endorsed the legislation, which still is scheduled to appear on the ballot this fall. The measure was referred to the ballot by the Republican-led State Legislature, so the recent endorsement is hardly a surprise. (It should be noted that some Missouri Republicans have expressed opposition, citing the possibility that someone could claim the amendment gives the right to grow marijuana, according to news reports.)

North Dakota voters approved a right-to-farm constitutional amendment in 2012, making the state the first to have one. North Dakota, of course, isn’t exactly an urban stronghold. So it will be interesting to see what happens in Missouri. Agriculture is important there, but the state has a large urban population.