‘This Is Who Are Are’

Generalizations are always risky, but a lifetime of experience has taught me that agriculturalists, on balance, aren’t big science fiction fans. So I doubt most Agweek readers remember the TV show “Millennium.” It ran for a few years in the 1990s and offered up a strange brew of dark, apocalyptic, end-of-the-millennium craziness.

The show had nothing to do with agriculture. But the show’s main character belonged to a shadowy group with the motto, “This is who we are.” The phrase stuck in the back of my mind and came to the forefront as I worked on a story on the 2012 Census of Agriculture. If you’re part of ag, like I am, the census really does help to show who we are.

The story, running under the headline ‘This is who we are,’ is the cover story of Agweek’s March 3 issue.