A Special Time Of Year

Calving and lambing season in the Upper Midwest can be both exhilarating and exhausting, both satisfying and frustrating. When things go well — when calves and lambs are born healthy and stay that way, when the weather cooperates — life can be sweet. When things don’t go well — when birthing difficulties and disease problems mount, when the weather turns nasty — life is miserable.

By and large, calving and lambing are going well this spring in the Upper Midwest, ranchers and others tell me. The weather hasn’t been perfect (too many cold days and nights), but conditions generally have been favorable.

That’s good for the pocketbooks of folks who raise and sell livestock.

But people who raise cattle and sheep aren’t doing it only to make money. They’re also doing it because they enjoy being around animals. That makes this calving and lambing season, at least so far, even more satisfying.