Do You Get Excited About National Ag Week?

I pay little attention to “special” days, weeks and months that promote awareness of a particular product, cause or issue. No doubt they have their uses, but to me they’ve always seemed artificial and arbitrary. And there are so many of them that their significance diminishes.

So it slipped past me, until today,  that March 23-30 is National Ag Week. I’m sure the designation has value: it gives agriculturalists a valuable opportunity to promote what they do to the general public, which too often is ignorant of modern agriculture.

But people involved in ag — as am I, as Agweek readers are — already know how important agriculture is. We don’t need a special day or week to remind us. To me, National Ag Week is really for people outside ag, not the folks in it

Some aggies might feel differently, however. If you’re involved in agriculture and National Ag Week is a big deal to you, drop me a line and explain why.