N.D. Soybeans Keep Moving Up

When I was growing up in central North Dakota, soybeans were still unusual, at least in my neck of the woods. They weren’t exactly exotic, but they weren’t part of my everyday world, either.

Times sure have changed. Soybeans’ popularity in North Dakota has risen for years, reflecting improved seed varieties that allow it to be grown in places where beans hadn’t been suited.

Not that we needed it, but the National Ag Statistics Service’s 2014 prospective planting report provides another sign of how well soybeans are doing in the state. NASS projects that North Dakota farmers will plant 5.65 million acres of soybeans this year, about 1 million more than a year ago.

If NASS is right, only Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota will plant more soybeans this year. The estimates are just projections, of course. Actual planted acreage might be higher or lower. But regardless of the final numbers, soybeans are shining brighter than ever in North Dakota.