Questions On GMO? They’ve Got Answers

GMO food is one of the most controversial issues in modern agriculture. To its supporters,  food that contains genetically modified organisms is safe and necessary to feed a hungry world. To its critics, GMO is actively dangerous or, at best, an unproven risk

The supporters recently came out with a new web site,, that promises to provide expert answers to submitted questions about GMO and biotechnology. “Be skeptical. Be open. We want to hear from you,” the site says.

More than 100 experts are listed as participants. My very quick scroll through the roster found that most are scientists and farmers. Two are North Dakota farmers: Terry Wanzek from Jamestown and Bart Schott from Kulm.

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s, which bills itself  as “a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.”

Personally, I think GMO food is safe. I’m not a scientist; I’m not qualified to assess its safety. But there seems to be a fairly strong scientific consensus that GMO food is safe. (I also think that consumers who want to buy non-GMO food, and are willing to pay more for it, should have that option.)

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, study both sides of the issue. The web sites above can help.

2 Responses

  1. Ken Gummer

    I find it sad that you are so easily swayed by corporate farming. (Almost a curse word in Nodak) It is so easy to say that GMO’s are safe but the burden of proof is on the pro GMO corporate scientists to prove it is safe, not on the rest of the world to prove it is not. What advantage is it to cross fish genes with tomatoes to make them stay longer on the shelf? Only to the retailers, not the end consumers. Do you forget about the recent discovery of GMO wheat from eastern Oregon discovered in a Japanese shipment? Most other countries have banned GMO products and for good reason. There is no evidence that they are safe. So before you so quickly jump on the coporate bandwagon, do some research, do your homework and make an informed decision, not one based on dollars.

  2. jeanne bates

    If you want to eat Frankenfood, go right ahead….I should have the right to NOT eat that poison! If it were so wonderful you would think think the big chemical companies would be proud to announce when it is in your food with a big label instead of sneaking it in any way they can then lobby to have the right to NOT label their garbage. Just why do you think 60 countries have banned the seed and almost 40 have banned imports of our GMO products? You don’t mess with Mother Nature and not expect her to mess back. GMOs are killing bees and humans not to mention how it is forever changing the soil. It may already too late to fight back against the greed of chemicals giants.

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