Some Things Don’t Change

Parts of the Upper Midwest were ravaged by drought in 2006, and a group of North Dakota farmers went to Washington, D.C., in the fall to press Congress for drought aid. I went along.

The drought, so big in this part of the world, barely registered with most of the politicians. And, in all honesty, why should it? They have their own problems and issues to deal with. Some things don’t change; ag remains an after-thought, at most, for a lot of folks in Washington.

Bob Finken, a Douglas, N.D., farmer, was part of the group that went to Washington, D.C.,  in 2006. He brought along several family members including his young son, Dylan. I remember asking Dylan if he wanted to farm someday — and then seeing his eyes light up.

I was on the Finken farm recently to profile a change (a good one) that’s occurred there. The story will be on the cover of the May 5 issue of Agweek.

Some things don’t change: Dylan, finishing up his junior year in high school, still wants to be a farmer.