Don’t Overlook Part Of Ag’s Appeal

The biggest reason why people raise crops and livestock is to make money. That’s how it should be. The profit motive encourages agriculturalists, like it encourages most people, to work a little harder and smarter. It makes agriculture better and more productive.

But agriculture isn’t only about making money, at least not for everyone associated with it. I spent part of Mother’s Day weekend looking for crocuses and pussy willows in North Dakota’s Sheyenne River. I found some, too.

Ranchers and farmers often mention to me that they enjoy being close to nature. They’re in business to make money, sure, but nature adds to the appeal. If the choice is profits or crocuses, profits will win out every time. That’s how it should be. But seeing a few crocuses is nice, too.

If you’re an aggie and take special pleasure in a particular aspect of nature, drop me a line and tell me about it.