No Consensus On Weather

When I’m planning an Agweek road trip, I usually look at online weather forecasts for the town and area I’ll be visiting. That way, if possible, I can fine-tune the timing of the trip to take best advantage of good weather and improved photo opportunities.

The process hasn’t exactly gone smoothly in recent weeks. The online weather sites often provide predictions that vary greatly, even for the same town and the same day. One site predicts rain, another predicts partly cloudy and still another predicts sunny. Some of the forecasts probably were updated more recently than others, which may account for part of the variance. Still, the conflicting predictions provide no useful clue of what to expect.

I don’t mean to bash weather forecasters. They have a tough job, and they do it well. But it’s frustrating, and harder to do my job, when I really don’t know what to expect. It’s probably 50  times harder and more frustrating for farmers and ranchers