Stretch Run For Spring Planting

If you’re an agriculturalist on the Northern Plains, there are two ways to look at the past week’s weather, which brought a much-needed stretch of warm, dry weather followed by more rain.

If you’re a glass-is-half-full person, you’re pleased that the short burst of cooperative weather finally allowed you into your fields, albeit temporarily

If you’re a glass-is-half-empty person, you’re frustrated that the rains returned too soon, preventing you from finishing planting.

Either way, the bottom line that area farmers made a lot of planting progress, but are still behind where they want to be.

What’s needed now, of course, is another stretch of warm, dry weather. If we get it, most farmers should be able to finish planting, or nearly so, in the next week to 10 days.  Even if the weather cooperates, some particularly wet fields and and wet spots in other fields won’t get planted. But a few days of favorable weather would allow most farmers to finish planting the great majority of the acres.

If you’re an area farmer who’s had particularly good or bad luck with planting this spring, drop me a line.