Green And Good (but Not Perfect)

I’ve never visited Ireland and have no great desire to. (A trip to Scotland would be fun.)

But it almost seems like I’m living in Ireland, the so-called Emerald Isle, right now. The crops, pastures and hay fields I’ve driven past in northern North Dakota and northwest Minnesota are as green as I’ve ever seen them. Maybe that’s partly because spring came so late; maybe the slow-to-green-up landscape seems greener than it really is.

But repeated rains and moderate temperatures clearly have bolstered vegetation. No doubt they’ll bolster crop disease, too, and aggies across the region will watch that closely.

Too much rain, like too much of anything, isn’t good. That’s certainly true for the folks hammered recently by terrible storms. My condolences to them. But the rule of thumb in Upper Midwest agriculture — that too much water is better than too little — holds true. Our green, wet summer is far from perfect, but it beats drought.

Do you remember another year in which late June was greener than it is now? If so, drop me a line.