Mother Nature Is Still In Charge

A veteran farmer once told me this of his profession: “We’re not in charge. Mother Nature is.”

I think of that line often, and I thought of it again this past weekend when much of the region received a much-needed rain. Fields that got the additional moisture will enjoy better yields, and the extra bushels could be the difference between profit and loss for the producers who farm them. Fields that got too much, or too.little rain, may not produce enough to be profitable.

Good farmers, and just about every producer today is good at what they do, find ways to mitigate risk and increase the odds of being successful. But no matter how good you are, no matter how carefully you mitigate risk, Mother Nature is still in charge.

On Monday morning I wrote a quick story on the weekend rains. It’s posted on the Agweek website, An expanded version, with more information, will appear in our Sept. 1 print edition. If you’re a farmer who got just the right amount of rain, or if your received too much or too little, drop me a line.