A Difficult Decision For Aggies

So here’s the scene:

It’s early October, you’re out on the combine and it’s an hour before your child or grandchild’s high school team starts to play another game. You’d really like to go to the game, but the cardinal rule of harvest is to keep the combine going when the weather allows. So what do you do?

The dilemma is not uncommon in Upper Midwest ag circles. Family is so important, but harvest is, too. Every farmer facing the decision comes up with his or her own answer, usually based on these factors: What’s the weather forecast? How much is left to combine? How big is the game? How much will my child/grandchild play? (Though you might not admit it publicly, you’re more likely tp go if he or she is a star, and less likely to go if he or she rides the bench.)

Only you can say what’s the right decision for your situation. But I do know that it’s often a difficult one.

Good luck with harvest. And, of course, good luck to you child/grandchild’s sports team.