Spring Safety Sermon

As a journalist, I try very hard not to lecture, admonish or sermonize. But I make one exception: farm safety.

Until a few years ago, I maintained that profitability is the most important thing for farmers or ranchers; people outside ag usually underestimate its importance. Then I realized I was shortchanging the obvious. Farm safety trumps even profitability.

Aggies don’t need me to tell them why farm accidents and injuries occur. They know it’s usually because people are tired or in a hurry or both. They rush and do something a little too fast, or take a risky, time-saving shortcut they otherwise would avoid.

Yes, you need to finish planting that field or finish the chores on your ranch. Yes, you need to complete the work at your ag business.

But none of that is as important as the safety of yourself, your families and your employees.

So with planting going full bore in most of the Upper Midwest, here’s my spring sermon:

Be careful. Be safe.