Profit? You Kidding Me?

A pro football coach once was asked during a difficult season whether his team still had a chance to make the playoffs? In an incredulous voice he responded, “Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs! You kidding me? Playoffs?”

That’s probably the response of some area farmers and ranchers when they’re asked whether they’ll make a profit this year: “Profit? Don’t talk about profit! You kidding me? Profit?”

That response is understandable. Poor weather and mediocre prices, or both, give them little, if any, chance to finish in the black.

But in talking with ag bankers, extension officials and farmers and ranchers, it’s pretty clear that some aggies will make a few bucks this year. Farmers who had better-than-average yields have a chance. So do ranchers who weren’t stuck with big feed bills because of drought.

How many will be profitable? Too early to say. But there will be some.