Heard At A Farm Show

I heard this anecdote a few years ago at an area farm show. It’s relevant again now, so I’m repeating it here. I’ve shortened it and added one comment of my own in parentheses.

It’s 2032 and the first woman has been elected president of the United States. (Make it sooner or later than 2032 if you want.)

She’s a North Dakota native and has strong ties to the state. In fact, her parents still live in North Dakota. They’re extremely modest, so much so that they’re reluctant to go to Washington, D.C., for her inauguration. But she eventually persuades them to attend.

At her swearing-in ceremoney, her parents are sitting on the dais next to a prominent U.S. senator. Her modest father, overcome by pride, leans over to the senator and says, “See that woman with her hand on the Bible?”

The senator nods.

The proud father says, “She has two brothers who played football for the Bison!”

A few observations from me:

— I heard it told by a North Dakota State University extension service official.
— No, I’m not a University of North Dakota graduate.
— It’s a multi-purpose joke. You can substitute just about any state or successful college athletic program and make the same point.
— The NDSU Bison football team plays for yet another national championship Jan. 6 in Frisco, Texas. It’s fair to say that Bison fans are excited and, yes, proud.