Any Guess Of What They’re Using Lentils For Now?

UPDATE: The answer is beer.

MINOT, N.D. — I have the good fortune to cover many crops. Pulses — the collective name for a dozen crops that include lentils, dry peas, dry beans and chickpeas — are among them.

I’m here at the annual convention of the Northern Pulse Growers Association, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. These are exciting times for pulse growers, many of whom live in western North Dakota and eastern Montana. Consumers increasingly like pulses, which are both nutritious and affordable, and pulses are an ingredient in a growing number of food products. The items shown in this photo I took here are just a few.

Now, a new use has been found for lentils. The food product, which isn’t included in this photo, will be shown off here Monday.

I won’t tell you now what it is; you’ll have to check back later. But I’ll give you a hint: Though you may or may not be familiar with lentils, you’re definitely familiar with this food product.

Any guess of what it is?