Hangin’ With A Veteran Vet

COOPERSTOWN, N.D. — On the right is an ag journalist, yours truly, who wasn’t wearing sunglasses when squinting into the sun.

On the left is Dr. Vernon Knudson,, a now-retired veterinarian based in Cooperstown, N.D., for more than 50 years. He’s been a fixture and institution in North Dakota ag circles, working with livestock and forging friendships across a big chunk of the state.

Years ago, back in the day, I sometimes went to the Cooperstown clinic with my family’s beef cattle. That made going there for this story even more enjoyable for me. If you’re wondering, Vernon and I are not related; our last names are spelled differently.

I spent a little time with Vernon and his cow herd in the Sheyenne River Valley, a wonderful area in which I grew up.

My print story on Vernon and his wife Lois, who’s remarkable in her own right, is on the cover in the May 7 issue of Agweek. My TV package will run the weekend of May 5-6. And there are lots of photos and video from Nick Nelson, Agweek photographer.

I’m biased, of course, but you’ll definitely want to read the print story and watch the TV story if you’re one of the many people with whom Vernon worked through the years. And I really think you’ll enjoy the stories even if you don’t know him.